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Over 60% of Utility Bills Contain Errors

"Utility bills seem to be getting worse.  They are indecipherable, lack itemization, contain inflated or phony charges, and cost customers billions of dollars every year." - Ralph Nader

Utility overcharges may be costing you or your company thousands of dollars per month.  Utility Revenue Recovery Specialists, Inc. conducts audits on bills for all utility services, including electric, natural gas, water, sewer, telecom, and more.  We will evaluate your utility bills for errors and recover the overcharges for you.  Stop paying too much for your utility services. 

Contact us for a free no-risk analysis of your utility bills today.

Utility Bill Audit           

With over 20 years experience in utility billing and analysis, Utility Revenue Recovery Specialists, Inc. is prepared to help you recover your utility expense losses today.