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Four million overcharged due to energy billing errors    June 8, 2016
UK gas and electricity customers overpay an estimated almost £300m, according to industry experts.

BAAA Associate Spotlight: Utility Revenue Recovery Specialists, Inc.     March 2015
URRSI is featured in the Bay Area Apartment Association Bayline e-magazine on page 6.

Burlington Electric finds more billing errors     November 11, 2014
Burlington Electric Department uncovers problems with meters that resulted in over-billing an dunder-billing of customers. 

Investigation launched into high Pasco water bills     October 11, 2014
County office receives complaints from about 150 water customers who believe they were overcharged by Pasco Utilities.

Thousands of Customers Overcharged in LADWP Billing Error    November 22, 2013
LADWP and its new billing system are under fire after thousands were overcharged on their monthly bills, some by thousands of dollars. 

Sarasota utility billing fiasco has fallout     June 1, 2013
Sarasota County Utilities Director resigns after failing to report that the attempt to correct a major billing fiasco went fantastically wrong.  The utility had billed customers incorrectly for services they did not receive and in an effort to make corrections, they provided nearly $100,000 to customers not entitled to refunds. 

Family paid for streetlights for 25 years     August 15, 2012
A Connecticut woman paid for the electricity for two street lights for 25 years.  Her utility company initially declined to reimburse her until she contacted two state agencies.  She ultimately received a refund check for over $10,000 for the charges and interest. 

Utility Madness: The $1.3M Electric Bill     June 25, 2012
Utility customers find themselves on the receiving end of outrageous and clearly wrong utility bills.

More than 100,000 Austin Energy customers hit by billing errors from $55 million IBM system     February 18, 2012
Roughly 1 in 4 customers has experienced a problem due to the malfunctioning bill collection system.  Some customers went months without receiving a utility bill, while others have been charged multiple times.  Some businesses that owed about $300 were charged $30,000 or even $300,000.

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