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We offer comprehensive professional utility billing audit services.  Our utility revenue recovery specialists are poised to help you save on your electric, natural gas, other fuels, water, sewer, reclaimed water, telecom, stormwater, refuse, and other utility bills.

Utility Revenue Recovery Specialists, Inc. works efficiently to save you money on your utility bills and requires minimal time from you to accomplish that goal.  You can be assured that all the information we collect remains confidential.  Our utility bill audit can provide you with peace of mind that you are not overpaying for services.  If we identify errors, then you can experience immediate savings to your company without any out-of-pocket expense and you keep 100% of future savings.

To start the process, we will need a completed service agreement and a recent billing statement for any account to be audited.  We will then work with your utility provider to obtain a comprehensive bill history.  Our specialists will review your utility bills for errors to ensure you receive maximum savings.

URRSI will coordinate with your utility provider to notify them of the errors and request a refund on your behalf.  We will review new bill statements with you to confirm corrections have been made to your utility bill and describe any credits or refunds made to your account.  Refunds are usually applied to your account in the form of a credit, although you have the right to request a refund check.  URRSI will then send you an invoice for the agreed upon portion of the credit/refund. You keep 100% of all future savings as a result of our audit identifying and correcting your utility bill.

Contact us for a free no-risk analysis of your utility bills today.

Utility Bill Audit           

With over 20 years experience in utility billing and analysis, Utility Revenue Recovery Specialists, Inc. is prepared to help you recover your utility expense losses today.