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URRSI is proud to share that 100% of our clients surveyed recommend our utility bill review services!

We would recommend URRSI.  They made our refund process quite simple.  - Christine Winter, Devereux CBC, October 2017

All worked out well for us.  - Carmen Harrell, LaCorte Enterprises, Inc, July 2017

I would recommend their service.  Who knows how many people URRSI could save money for.  - Ian Burgess, October 2016

Absolutely, strongly recommend.  - Lorrie Gould, March 2016

They seem extremely professional and fair.  Easy to understand what, why, how and when they are doing something.  - Sarah Stalvey,  AAction Recycling, February 2016

Sorry we didn't receive a refund but happy that we have been billed properly all along. - John Kurtz, Vista Properties, October 2015

I would recommend URRSI.  A very good turnout. - Pastor Ricky Heard, Palace of Praise Church of God in Christ, June 2015

They are very knowledgable.  Money I wasn't aware of, so pleasant surprise.  For the amount of time URRSI spent on my file it was nice indeed. - Kevin Stanley, March 2015

I would recommend URRSI's services.  Consider what they find as found money! - Greg Watts, I.M. Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless, November 2014 

I would recommend URRSI's services because they made it very easy for me to provide them with what they needed to perform their audit. - Cathy Parizo, KMI International, Inc., October 2014

I would definitely recommend this service.  URRSI found the utility company was charging us incorrectly and we got a nice refund and a reduction of $25 in our future monthly billings.  This service is amazing.  They charge only if they get a refund for you.  The process is pleasant and completely professional.  Why not try this?  I would recommend this to anyone. - Rebecca Gratwick, Ocean Drive South Beach Houses POA, July 2014

I was very satisfied with URRSI's service.  I thought that I was being charged a demand rate for my power bills even though my business does not require demand power.  URRSI investigated this and researched the power utility billing practices.  In the end, everything was correct with my bill and URRSI explained the power utility billing practices. - Lance Merritt, Merritt Contracting Corporation, October 2013

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Utility Bill Audit           

With over 20 years experience in utility billing and analysis, Utility Revenue Recovery Specialists, Inc. is prepared to help you recover your utility expense losses today.